Why it's time to expose Zarahemla to the world?

We are on a mission to restore the truth of the original account of the Book of Mormon to the modern world.

Too many of our children are leaving the faith. The sense of place and history are disappearing and new worries are replacing the iron rod that we all need.

The pillar of our faith is shaking.  For some, it is a matter of scorn and ridicule. Many make fun of the original accounts and, more dangerously, it is starting to have a serious impact on the believers.

Add into the mix the viral world with all the politics of our time, and it becomes almost impossible to feel like there was a promised land that changed the course of history.  We will increase our faith when we go back to Moroni's original accounts.

The city of Zarahemla in 335 AD was bigger than London and at that time it was the capital city of North America inhabited by hundreds of thousands of people.

That the caliber of a large city should not go unnoticed when smaller discoveries have already been found with remarkable earthworks that were built by ancient civilizations.

Too much money has been wasted in Mesoamerica only to find the architecture of cut stones that were never mentioned in holy scripture while finding no proof for designated large cities of earth, wood, and cement.

Organizations have been looking for a Rome-like city in a faraway land when the real search should have been under our feet in the land of promise, of prosperity, and of prophesied latter-day events.

We do not want to point any fingers. Today we have the right technology to make this search right.  Today modern science is 100x more efficient than the archeology of a generation ago.

It is now time to act in faith by putting our attention on Moroni’s original story and on the hiding places of his people and sacred events. 

The time is finally here when we can grow firm in our testimony as well as in our evidence. When our children turn their hearts to their fathers seeking answers, they will not be disappointed. We are on the verge of something remarkable that the world has never before seen!

Wayne May, with a heart for the Book of Mormon, has been working on ancient American history for 30 years and has surprised all the experts year after year with new findings by proving the existence of millions of native Americans living on this soil with their wars and their religion.

After 50 years of frustration with old experts, there are now new findings coming out from every quarter.  With the help of the Internet and an active community of believers, we are turning our attention to an epic discovery – the location of Zarahemla.  Our search for the capital city of ancient North America is happening sooner than anyone could have ever expected.

Wayne May has teamed up with a German company called SENSYS. Their ground-penetrating scans were perfected a few years ago. The Germany technology has discovered an entire civilization underneath the world-renowned Stonehenge site in southern England.

No one in their right mind would have seen this coming, but after putting together a map of their field scans in the area, the Germans revealed evidence of large habitations and clear patterns of wood housing and earthworks that were unimaginable by local communities.

However, just scanning the ground across the river from Nauvoo is not enough for Wayne. Because of the ever-increasing evidence, we are committed to finding tangible proof that should convert the most critical doubter of the history of the Book of Mormon.

Wayne has teamed up with Air Data Solutions to put drones in the sky to provide a detailed 3D map of the already evident earthworks and walls that are found in many areas close to Nauvoo.  For example, there is an ancient defensive wall that is 500 feet in length with a clear purpose to guard a large population of people.

These works are man-made and give us our final clues for the best possible location for the largest settlement in North American in the 4th Century.

And new secrets will be discovered as soon as we get the first round of funds together to pay for SENSYS to come to the fields and bluffs on the westside of the Mississippi across from Nauvoo. We will soon create digital maps of 10,000 acres of anciently habited land.

That is enough of the strategy. Here is the plan! First, let’s help Wayne May pay for the technology. Donate $10 or more to get this work going so we can start scanning the thousands of acres with drones in the sky and earth-penetrating equipment on the ground. These instruments are 10x times cheaper and 100x more effective than the old ways of doing archeology.

Now is the time for you to become a key player in these new discoveries. You can easily follow the progress by receiving our emailed newsletters reporting on the progress at the site and by getting sneak previews before the general public of our newest discoveries.

Finally, after we have made digital scans of the area – you will have the right to claim that you participated in strengthening our original faith by leaving a legacy for our children who deserve to know the truth as tangible as it can get.

For you to take a confident leap of faith with us, we need to come to a few mutual agreements. 

Wayne May has worked for 30 years to prepare for this research. So, all the money is going to be directed by him and through Heartland Research Group.  So, there will be no effort nor crucial funding that will be done without his direction and approval.

The best times to do the scans of these lands are before the planting and after the harvest of the crops.  These are also the times when farmers are more willing to give access to their lands for our non-invasive scans.


Keeping these times in mind, we are doing our best to get started as soon as possible.  We want to get SENSYS to come to America to scan the first acres just as they successfully did at Stonehenge.

After the first scans are complete we will share a detailed digital map of our finding with you and your family, so you can visibly enjoy a beautiful frame in your living room with a kind acknowledgment that you were a key partner in making Zarahemla come alive in the eyes of the world for the first time.

Donate $10 or significantly more to hasten the work and get these maps out sooner, before we have to wait for another 6 months to be able to scan the area.

Join us in the urgent cause to increase faith in the Book of Mormon and its liberating message.  Help the current and future generations to avoid the confusion that comes from incomprehensible fantasy maps.  We want to find the exact coordinates for Zarahemla and are not interested in fables.

Let’s bring a sense of place and history back to the hearts of the believers.

Donate through the button you find on this page and move from being a lonely fighter to becoming a cherished team player supporting the Angel Moroni’s original story. Let's leave a legacy of evidence for our children and our grandchildren.


With Wayne May as our guide, let's make a difference.  $10 for Zarahemla.

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1. The War Evidence

How the a battle carefully detailed in the Book of Mormon leads us traight to the city of Zarahemla.

2. The Bone Evidence

How Joseph Smith proclaimed Nephite bones lead us to Zarahemla in North America?

3. Modern Military Evidence

How a US military officer discovered the crossing point to the city of Zarahemla through Missisippi River?

When we find Zarahemla we will have the key that will unlock the door to the physical truth of the Book of Mormon. 

using the right technology

SENSYS Technology coming soon from Germany to search for the Lost City of Zarahemla in Lee County, Iowa.

SENSYS in Use Around the World

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SENSYS Preparing Equipment for Zarahemla Search

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SENSYS Magnetometry at Stonehenge

Check out this great video

About Us


Digging at Zarahemla Temple Site

Proposed Location Across Mississippi River from Nauvoo

Proposed Location Across Mississippi River from Nauvoo

We are working with people who have degrees in higher education and have developed the latest technologies for locating the remains of cities and human habitation. 


Proposed Location Across Mississippi River from Nauvoo

Proposed Location Across Mississippi River from Nauvoo

Proposed Location Across Mississippi River from Nauvoo

We are using the tools of modern archaeology to locate evidence for the ancient city of Zarahemla.  We have successfully used SENSYS Technolgies from Germany in discovering six round houses in Ohio that are 2,000 years old.


Limited Area Results in Higher Likelihood of Success

Proposed Location Across Mississippi River from Nauvoo

Limited Area Results in Higher Likelihood of Success

We are limiting our research to 10,000 acres of farmland that are on the west bank of the Mississippi across from Nauvoo.  Wayne May will take the lead in providing direction for the discovery of the most important city in the Book of Mormon.


Zarahemla, Capital City of a Land that is Choice Above All Other

You have to look for it before you can find it. We believe that there are good reasons to look on the west bank of the Mississippi in Lee County, Iowa. The reasons come from a reading of the Book of Mormon as it relates to the movements of those ancient people as well as from the surface. We already know that there is ancient human habitation in the area as evidenced by existing earth mounds.

In December 2018 we found 7 roundhouses in Glenford, Ohio that are 2,000 years old. It took less than a day to do this investigation. The results were accepted and printed by the Ohio Archaeological Society. This Society was founded in 1941 and is the oldest and largest archaeological society in the United States. The Society was organized to discover and conserve archaeological sites and material in Ohio; to seek and promote a better understanding among students and collectors of archaeological material, both professional and non-professional; and to disseminate knowledge on the subject of archaeology. The Society's membership is made up of people from all walks of life, from every state in the nation, many foreign countries, including libraries, historical societies, colleges, and universities. This is the standard of work that the Heartland Research Group has already done. We will apply the same standards of research to our search for the City of Zarahemla. We are working with the best technology in the world coming from Germany. We are ready to begin the search in earnest. Donate $10 a month to help Wayne May find the Lost City of Zarahemla.

There is no other place in the world that can produce more consumable calories of food than the million square miles that are part of the Mississippi and St. Lawrence watersheds. Think of St. Louis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, Madison, and Toronto. North America could not be a great power without its Heartland. Would there be any of the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, and China without the Nile, Ganges, and Yellow river basins? The Romans were a great empire only as long as they controlled the grain from the Nile and waterways of the European Great Plains. Ancient empires were rooted in soils of riverbasins that provided a surplus of food for the support of large armies. Large armies in the Book of Mormon required good soils and plenty of water from the Heartland.

The large armies in AD 384 at the end of the Book of Mormon required at least 2,000 x 700,000 = 1,400,000,000 pounds of foodstuff to be delivered on the riverways up to Cumorah. That magnitude of food could only have come from the great watersheds of the Mississippi and St. Lawrence. The Great City of Zarahemla was great because it was on the Sidon River. The City of St. Louis is great because it is on the Mississippi River.

My friends, if you want to find the City of Zarahemla, you have to look in a place where a great city would have been supported by great agricultural lands. Those lands, anciently and currently, have soil, water, and climate to produce more than 10 million calories per acre. The early Europeans were surprised to see the tens of thousands of acres of corn that Native Americans cultivated in the St. Lawrence River basin. There are more than 5,000 ancient earth mounds in Ohio which were built by people who controlled the great agricultural regions of the river basins. Of all the places in the world, any good farmer would soon recognize that this place is "bountiful", "a land of promise", and "choice above all other".

Donations are exempt from Federal Income Tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3).  Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. For donations over $1,000, please contact Dr. John C. Lefgren at 484-548-3350 or john.lefgren@gmail. All funds are under the supervision of Wayne May with annual audits.